About our Faculty

Elite IIT is proud to have the most skilled and experienced set of teacher in Bangalore. We have a set of permanent teachers who are hired from the top educational institutions of India. We hire every teacher in an institution thorough an entrance test and interview where their knowledge is tested on a vast scale. This comprehensive process is followed to make sure that students don’t have to learn from inexperienced internes. Over the last decade, our teachers have invented unique and innovative ways of teaching to make things easier for the students. Our simple and lucid methods, conceptual tricks and other techniques help students solve maximum number of questions in minimum time. We are proud to say that over the last decade our students have scored top most positions in various examination using the tricks developed by our faculty.

Other than set permanent teaching staff, we also have a set of guest teachers. Our guest teachers are professors of top educational institutions like IIT, IIM etc. and officials serving on top jobs in Indian government. Regular counselling seminars are organized by our faculty to make students understand the basic structure of different exams. Motivational seminars are organized by top speakers of country at our Bangalore campus to keep students focus toward their goals.