Who can join NEET 2022 Crash Course?

    NEET crash course is open to students presently enrolled in 12th grade, those who have completed 12th grade, and repeaters. This course will last between 60 and 90 days. This course will concentrate on problem-solving, clarifying key concepts, and dispelling student misunderstandings.

How to Join?

Key Highlights: NEET 2022 Crash Course

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key highlights
Reap the benefits of interactive video conferences to address all of your concerns and questions from the comfort of your home.
We give exam-oriented study at Elite IIT under the supervision of an elite panel of specialists who provide a strategic, short-trick, relevant, and to-the-point approach.
Instant doubt resolutions of all your queries in both online and offline form of classes. A simple way to comprehend for NEET Entrance examination.
You can record our live sessions and watch them whenever and wherever you want, eliminating any potential stumbling blocks on your way to success.
You can write and attend our regular test series, where a group of IIT and IISC alumni prepares exceptionally high-level questions.
Join us to boost your exam performance by taking NEET online mock exams. NEET mock test score analysis will be given following the completion of the mock test.
At Elite IIT, we assist our applicants in their preparation by providing previous year question papers to solve. This helps students gain confidence for real time examinations.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Elite IIT's unique ecosystem, which will help you remain ahead of the curve and provide you with a learning experience you won't find anywhere else. You may select the course that best meets your objectives and strengthens your core knowledge over the course of a year(s).

Preparation ahead of time can help you remain ahead of the pack and improve your chances of passing your goal exam.


Elite IIT's excellent NEET / CET 2022 coaching will help you improve your competitive skills, attention, and confidence.


Make sure you have enough time to revise, that you comprehend the difficult areas, and that you have strong basics.


The training will provide the right boost to your preparation so that you may reach your maximum potentia

What our Students Say About Us?

“ My daughter was scared by the NEET Exam, Elite IIT made a Joyful experience for her ”
“ Truly amazing clarification of concepts in very limited time. Easy to learn and understand. ”
“Awesome faculty with great experience and knowledge, explains all the concepts in an easier manner with examples for better understanding. ”
Nithin S


Students who are currently in 12th class or passed out can join this program.
Its 2 months regular program, the entire syllabus will be revised.
Yes , since its crash course, teachers will focus on clarifying important concepts, solving various types of Advance questions and clarifying students’ doubts.
Candidates must have completed 17 years as on December 31, 2022. The NEET upper age limit has been removed and anyone can apply for the medical entrance exam. There are no restrictions on the maximum NEET attempt limit 2022.

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