Which are some of the best career options for a NEET failed aspirants for a brighter future and opportunities?

Since India’s healthcare sector has expanded quickly over the last decade, there are several job options available that do not necessitate an MBBS or a BDS. There are a lot of medical and paramedical courses that do not require the NEET marks that can lead to good career possibilities in the healthcare sector.

So, if you are not interested in pursuing MBBS/BDS or did not qualify for the NEET exam but still want to make a career in the medical profession, this answer is best for you! In this answer, we have gathered a list of prominent and lesser-known medical courses that you may follow without taking the NEET after completing your 12th science in biology. So, what else are you waiting out for? Let’s get started.

1. Nutritionist

Students who want to pursue a medical career but fail to clear the NEET exam have the alternative of becoming a nutritionist. With people going crazy with weight, worry, stress, anxiety, and so on, it is an essential necessity of the hour that individuals take control of their lives and balance it with the profession and a healthy lifestyle. But who can assist? The saviour appears in the form of a nutritionist.

2. Nursing

Students who want to discover courses after 12th science biology but do not want to study MBBS might consider a career in nursing.

A nurse is an essential aspect of every hospital, from the hospital wards to the operating theatre, as well as a doctor’s assistant. Nurses play an important role in the healthcare industry, from caring for people suffering from physical or mental disorders to helping medical professionals.

3. Food Technology/Food Science

Another option for those interested in medical degrees that do not require the NEET exam is to consider a career in Food Technology/Food Science. Food science is a branch of engineering, biological, and physical sciences that studies the science of foods, the causes of food deterioration, food processing, and the enhancement of meals for public consumption.

4. Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory science is an integrated health profession that deals with the testing and identification of illness cause using clinical laboratory tests and other approaches. After class 12th science PCB, medical laboratory technology is one of the most popular and profitable medical degrees without NEET.

Medical laboratory technologists assist doctors by discovering infections, impairments, and other issues related to patient specimens.

5. Pharmacy

If you want to pursue medical courses without taking the NEET, B.Pharm may provide you with several job opportunities in the pharmaceutical business. If you are seeking degrees in biology other than MBBS after 12th, Pharmacy might be a wonderful career choice after 12th science PCB/PCM.

6. Life Sciences

Life Sciences courses cover a wide range of areas such as biology, botany, geology, physiology, biotech, ecology, genetic engineering, and the number is constantly increasing. Make this a priority after the 12th, since Life Science courses are in high demand and might be the perfect career fit for you.

7. Clinical Research

Clinical research is a field of healthcare studies that investigates the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, diagnoses, diagnostic items, and treatment procedures for humans. Students who want to learn more about the alternatives available in medical degrees without taking the NEET might consider a career in Clinical Research.

8. Agriculture

Agriculture is also one of the most popular career alternatives for students who have completed their 12th-grade science with biology. After finishing an agricultural education, you may be able to find work in Agricultural Marketing, Farming, Dairy Production, Food Science & Technology, and a variety of other fields.

9. Psychology

After finishing the three-year undergraduate degree, one can pursue a career as a psychologist. Psychologists’ career options are expanding, owing mostly to a rise in psychological difficulties caused by stressful living conditions.

The bachelor of psychology programme will teach students about treatment methods for resolving mental health concerns and maintaining a good attitude.

10. Occupational Therapy

The four and a half year courses in occupational therapy will prepare the applicant to assess a person’s physical condition and assist him or her in the treatment of physical diseases.

Since the beginning of the decade, this sector has grown exponentially, with many people experiencing physical and cognitive impairments as a result of numerous medical and psychological concerns.

11. Cardiovascular Technology

Aside from these courses, one can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Cardiac or Cardiovascular Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, a Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy, a Cardiovascular Technologist, a Biologist, a Cytogeneticist, a Zoologist, a Nutritionist, and so on.

These were some of the best medical courses without NEET, and students who pursued any of them might expect a plethora of career options after finishing their graduate or similar degree courses.

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